YouFit Corporate Office Address, Phone Number and Email

We have listed below Important Contact Information of YouFit Corporate Office Address, Headquarters Phone Number and Mailing address and also Important contact details like the toll free 1800 customer service phone number, Email ID, Mailing Postal Office Address, website details, FAX number which you can use to contact YouFit . The Customer Service of YouFit is now considered as one of the best in its industry and they take each customer inquiries and complaints seriously an resolve them quickly and efficiently. You can reach them during normal working hours and some of the emergency number can be called 24by7. If you want to reach them after normal business hours then please drop a postal mail, send email, or call the toll free 24 hour emergency number or use the live chat feature in their website. Many people are searching for YouFit Corporate Office address and trying to contact by calling customer service phone number of YouFit , YouFit toll free phone number, corporate office helpline number and headquarters contact number.

If you are looking for more information on services and products offered by YouFit such as YouFit Corporate Office, toll free support phone number of YouFit ,Working Hours, YouFit Headquarters address. Here we have given all contact details in this website and you can use this information to contact executives and customer support live person and they can assist you in quick resolution of your issue.

You can check here YouFit Phone Number, and by calling this number you can contact YouFit corporate office and customer service Headquarters. You can also contact the live customer support executive of YouFit Corporate Office Customer Support in the given below YouFit phone number and you can get your issue resolved and start receiving benefits of YouFit services or able to get make easy and address your concern correctly addressed by proper authorities.

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YouFit Corporate Office Office Address Information

6161 9th Ave. North
St. Petersburg
FL 33710 USA

You can check here YouFit Corporate Office Address, Headquarters address, customer service support number.

YouFit Corporate Office Phone Number

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-968-3481

This phone number given above may not be a toll free phone number and you may be charged when you call this number at the normal calling prices per minute. This customer service number of YouFit is available on usual working hours and is closed on some of the official holidays.

YouFit Corporate Office Email Address : Email them Now

This is the official email address of YouFit .you can contact them via email 24 hours all day all year along and that they normally reply within 24 hours. Normally, you may also expect some elay in response based on complexity and workload.

YouFit Corporate Office Office Address and Phone Number

The official mailing address, postal address, payment address, Corporate Office and location of YouFit is given here. Customers can use this detail to contact them and get their issue or concern addressed fast.

YouFit Corporate Office Phone Number Toll Free: 1-727-209-6161

YouFit Corporate Office Address and Headquarters:
6161 9th Ave. North
St. Petersburg
FL 33710 USA

YouFit FAX: N/A

YouFit Official Website: <a href=>Click Here

YouFit Social Media Links :

Facebook : Post to their Wall

Twitter : Tweet Now

Instagram : Link

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23 thoughts on “YouFit Corporate Office Address, Phone Number and Email

  1. Andrew W Delgado

    I walked in today to explain that my cell phone broke, my wallet was stolen so I’ve had a new card, have been out of town and wanted to pay my bill now and update my info. Upon asking to have the late fees removed I was not treated ethically or sympathetically on the 72nd St and 157th Ave Youfit in Miami, FL 33193, as they said they could maybe just wave one late fee. The youngman and lady who came afterwards are new. I’ve been going there for a long time now but dont enjoy the way I was treated by the staff, as if excessively money hungry.

    I want to do the right thing and have been unable to until now and dont see why I cannot just pay my annual fee and monthly fees. I do not agree with the way I was treated whatsoever. Honestly, LA Fitness may be a tad bit more expensive, but I’ve always been treated amazingly there, great greetings and even conversations. Approximately 4:23pm, today Sept,12 2019, you’ll see the kid didnt even greet me or make eye contact. This is very discouraging.. what happened to the old staff =(

    Please bring back the old staff.

  2. Shiva

    I was supposed to get a refund of 41.34 . The store is closed and when they were open they asked to contact corporate office . No body picks the call . I was told that if I cancel within 3 days of joining , I will get full
    Refund . I cancelled on 2 day . If I don’t receive response , I will raise a dispute .

  3. Dierekus Edmonds

    Hello I was a member at Youfit in Lexington Kentucky the location was on Nicholasville Road that gym close down and moved far from where I live the gym move to Richmond Road or if there was another one on Richmond Road but, I’ve called that Richmond Road location multiple times asking them to cancel my membership but they never did it continue to charge my card since the Youfit close down on Nicholasville Road in Lexington Kentucky I have no transportation to get to the Richmond Road location they kept telling me I had to come in and sign a piece of paper I don’t have any way to get there. I need my money back I’ve asked multiple times to cancel my membership they’ve been charging me $10 every month for almost a year.

  4. Andy Nguyen

    My name is Andy Nguyen and my YouFit card number is 7759114580. I want YouFit to credit back to my Amex credit card $42.79 which you guys charged me on October 22nd, 2019. I didn’t make any purchase nor add any new member to my current membership. Why you guys charged $42.79 to my credit card without my authorization? Please take action immediately or I will cancel my membership.

  5. Gwen Alvarez

    I helped my mentally ill son get a membership. I allowed my card to be used for initial payment. I heard that membership was month to month, and could be cancelled with notice and no obligation. I was not told, nor was he, that a yearly fee was charged after 60 days. The fast talking rep had him sign the paperwork, not me. I was standing to the side. Now your manager Dave in Port Charlotte says he “cannot” refund that yearly fee. Seriously? It was charged to my card on 11/8. I was reviewing my monthly October statement when I found the charge. I thought it was a mistake till I talked to your managers. I asked if he could at least refund half and then cancel the membership. He said he was not obligated to give me corporate contact information or his last name. Is this how you want to conduct business? I am 70, and on a tight income.


    I joined Youfit after a knee surgery. I went to the gym 3 times and on the 3rd visit I started experiencing pain in my knee. I had to stop going to the gym and have my doctor check me out. I was told to stop going to the gym and then a month later I was pronounced 25% disabled in my right knee. I have been trying for the last year and a half to get a $800 refund. Youfit gym in Thornton Colorado will not refund me. I’ve given this gym location plenty of chances to do right. I’m reaching out to you now for help. If no help is attempted I am going to be forced this coming January to hand over to my lawyers. Please help make this right.

  7. RB

    This information is inaccurate

    Youfit Corporate Number is 954-642-5200

    Their Address is 1350 E Newport Center Drive Deerfield Beach FL

    Direct all your complaints to this number and not the one in St. Petersburg as this is only their office for Legal paperwork.

  8. Denise Waldron

    My husband joined youfit in Buford Ga in Sept or Oct,he got a lime card membership so I could go with him. He paid for a yr membership up front. We just found out it merged with the Suwanee location. This site is not convenient for us and we would like a refund for remaining months. I have left emails and messages for the manager there and have not heard back. Please advise us what to do next. Thank you for your help

  9. Christopher mrozewicz

    My membership expired looking to know when u will be running a special thx

  10. Conrad .choquette

    We.are interested. In opening some gym in MONYTREAL. CANADA….c

  11. Lynn shriner

    The Alpharetta GA closed without any notice at all. I want to cancel my membership and request a refund my Personal Training sessions. My husband would also like to cancel his membership, Poor Customer Service and a lack of communication to the public about this closing! I would like to hear from someone that can make a decision!!

    Thank you

  12. Joyce Thomas

    This is unreal I have been trying to get in contact with someone from this company. I want to cancel my membership because nothing they say would happen happened. I did not receive the training or advisory, going to the Gym was a do it yourself format. Now that I’m trying to cancel after 21/2 months of dealing with this company they want to charge me an annual fee of $60.00 plus the monthly rate. Was told there is no phone number just an email that you have to write to. i need to speak with someone to get a little satisfaction from this company.

  13. Isaac Littlewhirlwind

    I got this text message from you guys.

    Dear Youfit Member: Pay only $50.00 to settle your past due GYM balance. Please call 1-800-304-0480 for assistance.

    Can you confirm the phone number in this message is from you guys. I dont want to call it and its turns out to be a scam number.

  14. Lynanne

    My daughter just left the Tampa-Gandy Blvd YouFit location where she was ignored and my grandson made fun of because he was out of shape by your staff. Having been members there before surprised me however if the staff is not there for fitness and support of it’s customers in being severed and assisted them in getting fit. Then they no longer represent what your company is supposedly about. Glad my family left and went to Crunch where staff is known to be more supportive and helpful!

  15. susan scime

    I have been trying to call Youfit.
    No one is answering.
    Since we can not use the gym why are you charging me?
    I will give you 24 hours to respond then I will call my bank to have a stop payment.
    If you deiced you want to suspend payment until the gym is safely open again I will continue my membership.
    I will be waiting to hear from you.

  16. Malcolm Austin

    I close my youfit gym membership on March 17th and paid to close it.On april 10 you still took out $24.60,why did you do it ,you need to refund my money ASAP,you seems like you are RIP off artists,refund my money now.

  17. Terri M. Burt

    This is about my membership. The gym has been closed and I am still getting charged. I have a membership in Tallahassee fl on Mahan Dr. Please email or call me at 850-878-6123

  18. Jenni Green

    Need to cancel membership for both myself and husband.

  19. Charlotte Hendley

    How can I contact my local gym when you have closed it permanently without any type of contact to the members what so ever? Every time I try to contact anyone by phone, there is a long wait time and then they want the zip code to my area where the gym NO LONGER EXIST and then I’m disconnected. When I go on the website, again I’m asked for my city, state & zip code and I get locations over 300 miles away from me to choose from. So explain to me how I’m to get this membership cancelled when I can’t get any information from this company.

  20. Daisy Hugee

    To whom may concerns . My name is Daisy Hugee and I had been trying to vía telephone to cancel my membership from the gym do to my job and schedule and had not be able to comply do to the gym policies nevertheless the employees had been rude to me . In business the client it’s always right because their the one that make possible your business . I appreciate it the opportunity that this business gave me meanwhile I can’t keep assisting and it’s insane that I had to keep paying for a service that I can’t take the benefits do to my thigh schedule.

  21. Scott Carlson

    I am trying to cancel my membership from the Gilbert, Az facility on Higley Road.
    I have sent emails to Youfit and sent a letter to the corporate office.
    I have tried calling the local numbers and corporate telephone numbers.
    I am not getting getting through on the phones and can not get any response from email or letters.
    Can someone please help me?


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